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The world has been in complete awe of Kamala Harris over the last few months. Now the Vice President of the United States, she's truly inspirational. Here's why she's such a big deal...

At fifty-six years old, Kamala Harris has achieved so much.


She's truly inspirational to women everywhere.

Harris finally became Vice President last month...


And it was the moment we've all been waiting for.

A moment that made history.


So it's no surprise that many tears were shed on this momentous day...

Her work and achievements have made her a role model to women everywhere.


People all over America are thankful that she stepped up...

And with being sworn in?as vice president, she also took on another role that's equally important.

Getty Images

She became a role model.

Harris proved that women can hold big positions, and they will.

Getty Images

She proved that we can push for change and make a huge difference in the world.

And ultimately, she inspired people.

Here's why Harris is such a big deal to women around the world.

?Firstly, she's the first woman of color in the White House.

She's both African American and South Asian.

?"Seeing her being prestigious, being strong, being black, being a woman? I feel change is coming," said Tanya Hudson, a Harlem resident.

"Just sitting here listening to my wife and daughters waxing poetic about Kamala Harris being the 1st woman Vice-President," agreed Twitter user @Wasanegg.

"The pride they have is overwhelming."

"This is a big day for women, women of color. They sound so happy. Relaxed. Want this for them every day. Change is here."

Truly amazing!